Read Full Report I am a New Yorker. I play hockey. I love to windsurf. I speak German. I am an executive. I crack myself up. In fact, I have a squeeling-snorting kind of laugh that has been known to alarm other people in my presence. I mean well. I love math. I studied in Rome. My first job was in the buying department at Saks Fifth Avenue. I have run the New York Marathon 4 times, the last of which took me over 5 hours because I forgot to train. But I finished. I see yes at the end of every question mark and pots of gold at the end of every rainbow. (I don’t see unicorns.) My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream. My favorite place to vacation is on Bonaire. I love my kids. I miss my parents. And of late, I am embracing my inner Texan. My name is Alison Norton Nelson.

go to my blog Aligirl is a name that was given to me by my my first girlfriend in San Francisco, Abigail (also known as Abisail.) We met at a park called Crissy Field where we were both learning to windsurf. That happened about a week before I set up my first ever free email account….and the handle was just so easy to apply. In my life, however, I have gone by many names. Friends from college called me Trixie, based on Ed Norton’s wife, of “The Honeymooners” TV Show fame. Having the surname Norton led to some other more obvious nick-names; Snortin’ Norton being the most obvious and self-re-invigorating.

chloroquine order online Being somewhat of a modern renaissance woman, I have many varied passions. One of them is travel. Another is seeing my colleagues and subordinates be successful and accomplishing their goals. I love cooking, although it is not a big part of my current lifestyle. I love learning to play guitar, although I am not sure I will every become more than a beginner. I love creating. I really love solving problems. And I really really love seeing the silver lining around any clouds. Actually. I love seeing cartoon characters in the clouds. And dragons. Especially while lying on a big rock and looking up into the sky with my daughters.

I decided to create a blog as a platform for expressing my passions in ways that could maybe inspire people. Most people would agree that I am funny. I can always make light of anything. And in serious and difficult times, I usually can at least lighten to mood and work toward shifting a mourning time into one that celebrates what once was. I am not, however, known as a funny writer. I am so incredibly bad at writing anything other than business demands that I could turn 3 paragraphs into a run-on sentence at the blink of an eye. So, bear with me as I sort things out and find a voice that can be heard in a way that reflects my wackiness.